Can you hear the music ring?

Music is such an essential part of most people's life, and it has a special place in mine. When I'm not stealing time from my child-wrangling duties to play in my jewellery workspace, I'm usually learning some new arias to sing at a function or gig. And with a 4 year old who keeps trying to shush me, and a 1 year old who 'sings' along, this is easier said than done.

Then one day, when Mr One year old was merrily rolling (scrunching, flattening) one of the sheets of music that of a piece I was desperately trying to learn, the idea for a music scroll ring popped into being.


A sheet of music that can't be scrunched and flattened.

An image forever suspended in sterling silver.

music ring colalge.jpg

A wonderful keepsake for any musician, or one who loves to keep music close at hand. So to speak ;)

Available here.

El x © E Holland 2012